When The Dealing's Done: Three Helpful Hints For Planning A Casino Night Fundraiser

Casino nights can be great for raising money to support a local charity, and they give guests a reason to get dressed up and have a good time. When planning your casino night, work with an event planning company to make sure no small details are missed. use this guide to help create an exciting event your guests are sure to love.

Gamble On The Menu

Don't be afraid to get creative with the menu for your special event. Consider serving small bites throughout the night instead of one large seated meal. Small bites help to keep everyone full while keeping them at their blackjack or poker tables. Slider sandwiches, shrimp cocktail, fruits and veggies on skewers, or mini barbecue meatballs are all great options. You can also have your event planning company create a dessert table featuring cookies, cakes and candies designed to fit the casino theme. Some examples might include cookies decorated to look like playing cards, or a cake decorated to look like a roulette wheel.

Roll The Dice With Decorations

Part of creating a casino night fundraiser is creating the atmosphere. Get your guests excited about being part of your night by decorating the space in fun and unique ways. Consider having moving boxes painted or covered in paper to like like dice, and have the boxes stacked on either side of the entrance to your event. Add some red, white and black balloons to each stack to create a fun entrance. Use balloons throughout the event venue, and place glass vases filled with dice in the center of every table. You can also add flowers or feathers to the centerpieces to make them even more impressive.

Double Down At The Door

Make the visitors to your casino night feel like they are truly Las Vegas high rollers by creating a red carpet experience. You can combine this with the stacked dice idea from above. Place red carpet down at the entrance to your event, and have a backdrop set up on on side of the entrance for photos. Your event planning company can have a backdrop custom printed to feature your company's name and the name of the charity you are raising funds for. Hire a photographer and get everyone's picture as they walk in the door. The pictures can then be shared on social media or sent out to individuals as a thank-you for their visit.

Work with your event planning company to come up with little touches to make each of these ideas even more special, like creating cute casino-themed menu names to go with the foods you will serve. Have fun with the casino night theme, and get excited to raise money for your charity.

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